Saturday, April 19, 2014

Looking To Create a Special Place or Experience?

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Looking to Create a Special Place or Experience? 
Trying to Find a Specific Service?

Searching for a Unique Product?
Want Expert Advice?

The TEA Can Help.

TEA represents thousands of designers, fabricators, production experts, implementation experts and financial analysts in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  

If you are looking to create a fabulous place, find a product or service, needing to staff up, or are in need of some expert advice, the TEA can help.

Whether you’re seeking a full-service production company to take your project from pre-production to launch, or seeking specific subject area experts, you’ll find the professionals you’re looking for with TEA.

Even better, all members of the TEA have been vetted by our membership committee. When you hire a TEA member, you know you are working with a veteran professional who is at the top in his respective field.

Find the Services and Solutions You Need – For Free

Locating specific service providers is challenging in an industry where vendors are often contractually prevented from promoting their involvement in world-famous projects.

TEA will help you find the right vendor for your project. This service is provided at no charge and under no obligations, The only expectation is that we will help you find the people and firms you need to succeed!

Contact Gene Jeffers at to find out more.

Find the Right Employee

Discover the people who matter most to your business – your staff. The TEA will team you up with skilled people for the specific position you wish to fill.

Contact the TEA Staff at or call +1 818 843-8497 to learn more.

Search for a TEA Member

In our online Member Directory, you can review our directory of member profiles that list each member's skills, specialties, and contact information. Nearly every kind of skill set and production subcategory is represented.

Promote Your Business

The TEA provides an array of promotional and sponsorship opportunities for you to increase your visibility and advocate for your services. Arrange a behind-the-scenes tour of your work or your facilities. Sponsor Events, Newsletters, and much more.

Want Guidance?

If you have questions or challenges finding what you are looking for, our TEA staffers are glad to help explain or connect you with whatever you are searching for.

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